5 Tips for Safe Travel on the Absolute 56

To enjoy a boat trip is, without a doubt, an experience that many would like to have. If you are lucky enough to make a boat trip it is important that you take into account a series of tips for safe boat travel and that nothing or no one harms you this great experience.
Above all, so that nothing ruins your vacation and allows you to dedicate yourself to enjoy with friends and family. So make a note so you know what to do if you travel on the Absolute 56.
What is the Absolute 56?
Its length is 11.9m and beam 4m, the capacity per day is 9 individuals and at night 2 people, has a single cabin and a bathroom.
The engines are 2 x 320hp, maximum speed of 34 knots, fuel consumption: 100 l/hr.
Hot water in boilers, mixers and shower box, Antifouling Black, Climma 12.000BTU 50Hz air conditioning, Hydraulic flaps, IS3.5 Generator (with smoke separator) 230V 50Hz Grill in cabin 230V.
Tie kit, courtesy of lights and LED lights along the floor passages, stereo radio with CD and MP3 player in the hallway and aft cockpit, cabin and sides, digital aerial TV.
GPS Plotter 12, electric joystick and steering, teak deck, floor and side passages: the price does not include VAT.
5 tips for safe travel on the Absolute 56
1# Master.
If you don’t have the relevant accreditation to carry a boat, then you can hire a skipper who will have the technical knowledge needed and the corresponding title.
If you have that title, but no previous sailing experience, we suggest that you don’t gamble and hire a skipper to avoid disappointment.
2# Number of individuals.
Keep an eye on boarding more individuals than the account, each boat is approved for a certain number of individuals and also to navigate an area, remember that what is at stake is your protection and nothing is worth more than that.
3#Nautical non-slip.
With the power of the waves, the boat will make movements with which we must take precautions. Forget about going barefoot for the boat.
The best way to avoid scares is to use white non-slip soles.
4# Drinks.
Beware of drinks, being able to enjoy this experience with a good champagne is a plus, but detailed with steep elbow a lot, can cost you a displeasure.
5# Hydration
Whatever time you spend on the high seas, remember that hydration is important especially in summer when the Mediterranean sun squeezes.
In addition, it is essential that this water is bottled, the fresh water available to the boat will be for washing. For cooking and drinking it is suggested to use bottled water.
Where to rent the Absolute 56?
Barracuda Ibiza https://barracudaibiza.com/ has a large fleet of boats for rent with or without skipper so that we can choose the one that best fits our budget or title.
There are charter boats based in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza and San Antonio making it easier to navigate the coastal area of the island that we like most or want to explore.
If you are interested you can contact him through his networks: Facebook: @BarracudaIbiza, Twitter: @BarracudaIbiza. And WhatsApp: +34 649 633 299.

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