Cooling pumps for marine engines

Cooling pumps for marine engines are important because they take care of passing water to the engine and keeping it at the right temperature. Before sailing, it is necessary to check that the cooling pump is acting correctly. Failure to do so may cause permanent damage to other mechanical parts of the boat.

A demanding part
The cooling pump requires regular maintenance. It is an essential part for the proper functioning of the boat, therefore requires special care permanently to avoid serious damage. Even once sailing, attention must be paid to the temperature of the pump, as it can rise if its operation is hindered by the entanglement of a seaweed or something else.

The pump must be able to fit properly into place. Changing the pump can be done easily. It can be done manually and with prior knowledge to ensure proper operation.

Marine Pump PM 36 EM
This pump has a 12 v clutch and has been manufactured in bronze with fittings of 1. It has a capacity of 28/96 tl per minute. The motor flow is 700/200 rmp with CE certification, manufactured in Italy.

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